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Our structured approach to supporting your IT systems that's far from typical

All clients are different! Hopefully, you will have already grasped that we do not follow a 'template service' or 'one-size fits all' approach to providing IT support services to our clients. We do accept that all clients have certain specific needs but also every new client that we take on has a different IT history.

Different how? Well, the existing state of their IT systems always differs - sometimes the hardware and software is perfectly fit for purpose, in other cases it is poor. Client perceptions of IT are always coloured by the experiences new clients have had with previous IT support providers and how effectively they have been serviced - or not!

Our new client focus begins with developing positive working relationships with clients, building trust and confidence and taking IT headaches away from your team. You ought to be able to take it as read that we have the IT expertise, experience, track record and systems to provide responsive and reliable support to your users and to ensure your IT systems planning is on the right track. Otherwise, we really shouldn't be in the IT Support business!

But where we really differ is that our IT team genuinely and quickly becomes part of your key business team. 

Our people-centred approach, our technical prowess and the empathetic style of our carefully selected support staff combine to engender a real feeling of us both being on the same side.


Put simply, we provide an efficient, uncomplicated IT support system that works! Sounds easy and, frankly, IT should be!

Yunatechs consultants offer

• IT Project Management
• Computer System Upgrades
• Hardware Upgrades and migrations
• Software Upgrades and migrations
• IT System Installation
• Network Development
• IT Audits and Reports

IT Consulting for your Business Needs

Specialists in providing professional IT Support and IT Consulting Services to small and medium businesses in and around London and the Home Counties

In addition to computer support services, Yunatech provides specialist IT consultancy services to SMEs and other organisations across England

If you are looking for a Home Counties & London based IT Consulting Company then you've arrived!

With our history of successful project management, system upgrades and development work and day-to-day IT Support, you'll soon see why our clients work harmoniously with their IT services.

Our expert IT Consultants will:

  1. Listen to you carefully to identify your specific business requirements
  2. Analyse your requirements and examine your current technology
  3. Offer unbiased advice on a range of suitable IT options
  4. Determine the best, most appropriate solution from those available
  5. Implement and project manage the deployment of the selected solution