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why us?

We know that even in the best systems, problems will occur that can effect your business so our friendly Service Desk is committed to logging, taking ownership and tracking faults to resolution. In many cases our IT specialists will remotely control your workstation to see the problem as you see it to resolve the issue instantly.

We really do have the technical experience and are market leaders in the field of proactive IT to give your business a relaxed feel of complete confidence in your IT systems.

Yunatech offers fixed price support which means your business is supported at all times with no hidden call out or support costs.

Who's driving this thing?

Yunatech was established by Managing Director Joseph Barry following a long and varied career as IT Manager for various medium to large IT Support Companies.

Joseph set up Yunatech in response to market demand for an IT company that could offer a cost-effective solution to infrastructure management and IT support.

Based in Romford, Essex, Yunatech provides IT management and support to companies working in the UK and internationally.

For further information contact:
t: +44 1708 346763

Communicating with you

We provide all clients with a personal technical account manager to develop an intimate understanding of your technical set-up alongside an account director to oversee your support arrangements and ensures we are doing a great job for you.

You get their mobile numbers for any IT problems requiring immediate attention; to discuss ongoing IT plans; to talk about the latest IT gadget you spotted in the airport; or just to discuss the price of petrol!

That's the kind of close relationships we have with our clients so that we can work well together for your common IT goals.

servers and computers

For Yunatech, IT Support is not just about servers and computers – it’s really much more about the people.

We enjoy getting to know our different clients, their very different businesses and their sometimes unique end-users.

Our staff genuinely enjoy helping to support our clients and their businesses and doing a good day's work. It's also all about good, clear communication on both sides, setting honest and accurate expectations and working hard to deliver on our promises.

That's why we work hard to select and reward the very best IT technicians who have the perfect blend of technical IT expertise and the softer people skills to bring their knowledge to bear patiently to help a frustrated end-user.

Make your users jump for IT!

Patient, empathetic IT techniciansmore reliable IT systems; and responsive support mechanisms all help to build trust and confidence in your IT systems and in our IT support service.

When your people get more confident and trusting in their IT systems, it's amazing how much more effective your IT suddenly seems AND how productive the users become!